So after 8 months I’m back to talk about myself again. After I finished treatment, did the Tough mudder and basically went back to as normal as I could be after everything. I decided that I wanted a change of pace, life, atmosphere etc, all that cliché stuff that comes with being a survivor. I was … More LDN

So as a few of you saw… I was on Dinner Date the other night. It was so much fun to do, even if there are a few haters writing stuff on social media about it being totally lame! Who cares I enjoyed it. A few of you have asked for the recipes for what … More

Vegan Curry Slaw

Thank god the sun is out! (probably jinxed it now). It’s school holidays and clearly it’s BBQ time… HALLELUJAH! I know the majority of you will be wanting to whack a big old slab of meat on the grill, which is totally fine, but why not add something fresh and crisp to go with it? … More Vegan Curry Slaw

Easy Tabbouleh

My take on a tabbouleh. I had my friend over for dinner and she’s always on at me she needs to eat better so I decided to make something to show her it’s actually not hard or expensive. This is my easy tabbouleh. Summer is here let’s get creative with some veg! – 5 big … More Easy Tabbouleh